Would I be able to install the tiles myself?
Of course you can! Anyone can install any tiles themselves. We do, suggest that you do not do it unless you have the experience or qualification to do so. You can ruin the process and make more work and costs for yourself down the line.

Do tiles require a lot of maintenance?
The only maintenance that you will require when it comes to tiles is general cleaning. That means washing it with water and wiping them down. Tiles are great because they do not require lots of maintenance throughout the years.

What about the lifespan of tiles?

Tiles can last for years (even decades) if they do not crack or break. You are guaranteed to enjoy for a long, long time.

Can you provide us with a range of tiles for different rooms in our home?
That is what we are all about! Tilefix has a huge collection of tiles, ready to be used throughout your home. You can use them for your bathroom, kitchen, other parts of the home – including the outdoors! We have the range for you, including the likes of ceramic, unglazed, glazed, splashback and much more.

Where can we see your tiles?
You can see all our tiles – and speak to our specialists about your creations – at any of our Tasmania showrooms. You can visit us at Launceston or Devonport stores today.
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